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Product Offers Impact Isolation (IIC)

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Product Offers Airborne Noise Reduction (STC)



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High Performance Acoustic Floor Underlayments

Impacta Floor Underlayments by Sound Seal are premium acoustical underlayment systems that have been engineered specially for each floor covering. All floor coverings are not the same and have different requirements to ensure proper installation and warranty of the floor. Each Impacta underlayment has been manufactured to maintain the integrity and original warranty of the floor. Impacta underlayments are complete systems, no other material except the floor covering and setting material are needed.

Why Impacta Underlayments

  • Systems designed for maximum performance and ease of Installation

  • Specifically designed for each floor covering

  • Proven results over 100+ acoustical tests

  • Most underlayments are self leveling up to 1/4" over 10 feet

High Performance

Typical Thin
Foam Underlay

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Difference Between Airborne & Structure Borne Noise

Airborne Noise is noise that is caused and travels through the atmosphere, this noise includes: speech, television, radio, etc.  Airborne noise is typically controlled by weight and mass; the heavier the floor/ceiling or interior walls are the better its ability to stop or insulate airborne noise.  Airborne noise is tested using the ASTM E413-04 test.  It is a single-number rating system that is used to compare the sound insulation of interior walls or floors tested in laboratory conditions (STC) or the actual sound isolation between different floor/rooms in the field (FSTC).  If the underlayment you are using is lightweight it typically offers very little STC performance.  Underlayments that have this symbol are heavier underlays, having a minimum weight of 1 lb per sf and will help increase the overall STC rating of the structure.

Structure Borne Noise is noise that is cause by an impact and travels through the structure, this noise includes: walking or foot fall noise, dragging chairs, objects dropping, etc.  Structure borne noise is tested using the ASTM E492-04 test for laboratory measurements (IIC) and the ASTM E1007-04e1 test for field measurements (FIIC) using a tapping machine. Tests evaluate the impact sound-insulating performance of a floor-ceiling assembly and are also a single-number rating system.  Underlayments are used to isolate a hard surface floor form the sub floor.  Underlayments that have this symbol have been engineered to reduce impact noise specifically for that floor covering.

Typical IIC & STC rating of untreated 6" concrete slab

STC 52-55
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IIC 26-28

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noise barrier

Noise Barrier for interior walls.  Impacta NB-1 weighs 1 lb per sq ft and is easily installed on the interior stud framing.  NB-1 has a STC rating of 26 and when used in a 2x4 x16" centers will achieve an STC rating of 51.   More info.....>

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